La sociocritique d’Edmond Cros

Textual Functions II — Textual Processes of Transformation and Codes of Mediation (Continuation)

The process of transformation of the observable reality setts off not only an already elaborated linguistic material but also new intermediary structures
that somehow are capable of displacing signs and homogenizing them within
an identical code, named “Transformational Code” by Edmond Cros. This
article ilustrates such process with the analysis of the first sequence of
“Citizen Kane” (Welles, 1941), “La vida del buscón” (F. de Quevedo, 1626)
and, more briefly, “La Región más transparente” (Carlos Fuentes, 1958), the Litin’s film “Viva el Presidente” (from Alejo Carpentier’s "El Recurso del
método“1975) a Velazquez’s painting,”La Túnica".

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